HHVM vs Zephir vs PHP: The showdown

Since its inception the slow running speed of PHP has been widely publicised and over the years there have been a number of improvements. The first Zend Engine arrived with PHP4 and delivered various performance enhancements (among other features). Each release since this time has delivered some sort of increased ...

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Add a duration or interval to a date

In PHP you can easily add a duration to a DateTime instance in a number of ways. I will review the most common methods for completing the task starting with those available on the DateTime object itself.

If you are running PHP 5.2 then the only way to achieve ...

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Conditionally loaded responsive content on the client side

Sometimes it is helpful to entirely change chunks of markup when a certain CSS media query is triggered. This could because a certain layout will not work on smaller screen sizes or because it refers to media that you would not want a mobile to download.

Recently I had this ...

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